Kaupthing - New announcement available at secure website

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Kaupthing - New announcement available at secure website

Beitragvon Mitglied0815 » Fr Sep 21, 2012 8:53 pm

folgende Mail heute erhalten:

Announcement from
Winding-up Committee
Update on targeted launch of composition
As disclosed at Kaupthing’s Creditors’ Meeting on 31 May 2012, Kaupthing has been working in close consultation with the Informal Creditors’ Committee and their respective advisers on a potential composition proposal. Whilst good progress has been made, a number of outstanding matters, including some that are not within the Winding-up Committee’s control, are still being resolved and it will not be possible to launch a composition proposal in the third quarter of 2012, as previously targeted. Kaupthing is currently working with its advisers and the Informal Creditors’ Committee towards a launch in the fourth quarter of 2012, assuming satisfactory resolution of the outstanding issues and no new issues arising. Detailed information about the composition proposal and voting guidelines will be available to general creditors on the Creditors' Secure Website https://creditors.kaupthing.com/ as and when any Composition Proposal is launched.

If you have not already registered on the Creditors' Secure Website (https://creditors.kaupthing.com/) with the access details individually distributed to you, the Winding-Up Committee urges you to do so without delay

vielleicht kann das jemand ins Deutsche bringen.
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Re: Kaupthing - New announcement available at secure website

Beitragvon lavcadio » Fr Sep 21, 2012 10:40 pm

Schon geschehen, und zwar bereits um 15:35 Uhr:
im Übersichtsthread zu Kaupthing ist auch eine (etwas kürzere) Version auffindbar:

- und damit schliesse ich dieses Thema an dieser Stelle
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